Monday, September 3, 2012

Preschool Football Day

As we come to the end of september we reach something important here in Australia, the AFL Football Grand Final! As our national sport everyone has a team they follow and many schools and preschools celebrate this event through a variety of activities.

Last year my group of preschoolers were very in to their sport and loved being involved in group games! As the Grand Final is usually on the middle weekend of the school holidays, we decided to have our Footy Day on the last day of Term 3. 

The children are always very excited for these special event days and I like to encourage the excitement by providing a variety of experiences related to this event. The children were all invited to come dressed in the colours of their favourite AFL team, and every child came dressed up, which was wonderful to see. 

Some of the indoor experiences were provided included...

The children loved playing this AFL team matching game that I made using the logos' of the different teams. They enjoyed playing in small groups and we also used it as a transition activity throughout the session.

We enjoyed making our own streamers, which the children were seen using to cheer on their friends in the different sporting events that were taking place in the outdoor environment.

We also enjoyed creating our own flags using the colours of our favourite football team.

As part of our group time I had created a Interactive Whiteboard file with all of the children's photos in their football outfits (I quickly made it on my lunch break). I had the team flags down one side of the page and the children would come up one at a time and move their photo to the team they followed. When they had all done this, we counted how many followed each team and worked out who had the most supporters, a great maths activity!!

In the outdoor environment the children also enjoyed playing games with different types of balls, being involved in running races and joining in with different relays, including tunnel ball and under over. We also enjoyed listening to football and sport themed music and doing "exercises."

Special event days are always a very busy but extremley exciting experience for everyone involved, and a wonderful way to work all areas of learning in to an activity that the children are very excited about. 



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